Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miss Vespa

See those pictures? I'm gonna have it one someday. InsyaAllah. I love the vintage style. Actually, this little Vespa I was found in my handphone. It was there for so many days or years but yesterday I was found that picture and knew that its name is Vespa. Oh my Rabbi, all stuff I love actually is just near on me. I'm just the one who doesn't realize about it. If I had one, what I'm gonna do?

1. Ride it around Kuala Lumpur
2. Will be my wedding picture (blink-blink).
3. I'm gonna bring it and ride around the most beautiful and calm place in Malaysia, Cameron Highlands and hear this song again and again and again :)

I love this song. I'm always in 'jatuh cinta' everytime I'm listen to it.
by then, have a nice day people.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Encik Whitney

I'm a little bit tired just now but I want to put an entry today special for my beloved one Mr Whitney. He is the thing that I can life without. every seconds, hours and everyday he is always beside me and helps me. The one who ever make me laugh, I tell him my secret, be my reminder when I forgot something, be my alarm when I got a little bit hard to wake up in the morning and ever see me cry. He is the only one see all that I've done and I love him.

Who is he?

Taraaaa. He is actually my handphone. He will be fly back to Sabah because my mom will bring him back to Philippines. I feel so sad. It was my present given from my dad and now my mom wants to bring him back together with her. I don't know why I feel so upset maybe because we have so many stories and memories. Actually, there was a message that I'm not delete until now. From the first time we were chat until today, I  just keep our conversation chat. It is a memory. I love to read it again and again and again. Oh my, this handphone keeps my memories and the worse thing is I can't delete all that messages. 

Dear mom, please take care of him and if you read something inside him, please don't delete it. All that things  are your daughter's happiness. By then, hope my mom may travel safely. aminnn. 

Okey then, good night people. remember always appreciate what you have right now. it might leave you someday because everything story will have an ending. good night and salam.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Escape Day

I got menstrual pain period just now and here I'm escape my class today, lying on my bed and write entry in my cute blog. This pain make me sick. I wonder if the pain of born baby would be like this. As usual, my pain 2 in 1, menstrual pain and gastric. Here I put some edited picture by me and was captured by me also. huhu.  By then, happy Wednesday. I'm going to sleep now :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

I know I can fix it

I'm just feeling so lost in this few days. I lost my inspiration and I think there is something that I forgot to do. Something very important. I don't know what happen to me just now seems everything going wrong. seems so nothing. I tried to get my soul back but I couldn't find it. 

Today, while my friends are sleep, I find my way to fix all that feeling and guess what Allah gives me rain. Oh my seriously, all the problems just swift away like the raindrop fall into the earth. I'm sitting at the balcony and let the rain wet my head. I don't care about others. I know people are staring for what I'm doing today but I don't mind as long as I feel happy.

The clock crawl so fast today. 

Time heals everything and I can heal myself. The mistakes before makes me strong. Thanks for that mistakes.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Girl

My dreamy world is all came from my dreamy life. I love to find inspiration photos that will make my dream come to life. Like this huge tree in the middle of the grass field and those lovely pictures which I grabbed from some of others blog and also from Devianart

Back to my story; I just love to have my own life. When I was a little girl, I just love to spend my time locked in my bedroom and 'play' with my imaginative friend. Listening to music and act like a princess. I just love to be alone. It does't mean that I've no friends but perhaps I've so many things to do when I'm alone. The calmness is exist there. 

But then since we're in a high technology world now, my dreams can be shared with you guys in this blog.. I want others feel what I want to be. feel that life is too short to be unhappy person. I don't know why I'm always says that life is too short. maybe because there are some life out there doesn't appreciate them self.  I've faced many problems during my lifetime. and it keeps me strong. I can't die. There is still so many dreams I still not achieve. Go umrah with my family, travel around the Europe country, meet my lucky husband. hehe. 

Life is something unexpected right? 

I tell you one secret about this girl. People said this girl a little bit weird. She loves chocolate but doesn't eat that chocolate, she loves mathematics but uneasy to remember others' phone numbers, she likes to be like a childish but she is an older sister. why? let me tell you, she loves chocolate because she found that chocolate is cute but to eat that it might be a little hard for her because it make her dizzy. She likes mathematics but uneasy to remembers others' phone numbers because she have been hurt before. Memorize the only beloved number phone, then when clashed, the number still exist in mind and everytime dial others number that number is just come out. and again it makes the little girl's heart been hurt. Thats why from that day she'll never memorize others phone number. Yet she can memorize others number if the number is not saved in the contact phone. and lastly she is an older sister but act like a childish. She has two little sister and she always play with them. maybe that became one of the reason why she become childish but there is another reason. Actually, she wants to avoid from any awkward situation. Being so serious make this life we just live with one color. Sometimes we need someone weird.

After all, that little girl characters are actually come from a real life...

By then, I'll post another post about introducing them later... Salam Jumaat and Happy Reading!