Saturday, June 25, 2011

::A Letter For You::

Dear my AK,
How are you Dear? Hope you fine there. Actually I wrote this entry to say that I miss you terribly right now. Since we got argument that day, our relationship becomes loose. People said fighting will make someone more appreciate his/her partner but I think it is not comes to us..

I hate argument. I really hate it! Maybe that time I'm was wrong and I admit it. But please dear..I'm just a girl with a normal life and commonly making mistakes. I just want to be love and I want to love as well. I want to be loved and appreciated. Please do understand me.

Hope distance is not the reason to us lost contact. I need you now and I need you in the future. I have many story to tell you. I miss you much and I love you more.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

::Miss, Love and Sorry::

I'm fell so bad now..
Terribly bad..
You said I'm Queen Control..
Am I control your life dear??

I just care about you..
I just want you to give me your time..
I just want you to be in my side for any time without any reason..

I know you busy with your assignment..
I know you are the leader in your team..
and I know you have to manage all the matters be with your study..
But, don't you have even 5 second just to reply my message to say "Sorry, I'm busy"??
It's fine if you busy at least you tell me..
but, yesterday you didn't call or sms or even miss call..

I'm sorry if I bothered you..
I didn't meant it..
Maybe it is true for you that I'm Queen Control..

Then, now I let you..
I will not bother or disturbing you again..
It is fine for you not to send any news for me..
Now, I let you and follow your step..

Sorry dear..
but I'm still loving you..
Miss you the old one..

Monday, June 6, 2011


Sorry Laukong..
I'm doesn't mean to hurt you
But you make me in anger too
You doesn't know what I want from you
I don't need a full attention
but just a little bit only

I'm sorry if I make you feels bad
I'm sorry