Monday, March 17, 2014

Pray for them

I'm scared
I'm scared if the history comes back
Comes to take a revenge and be monopolized
Comes to dominate and causing a war
Comes to realize the ungrateful people

"Melayu mudah lupa"
Yup, we forgot we're easily to forgot something
Maybe the incident make us open our eyes and thought

Cooperation and strength
That what we need now

Keep praying Malaysian
Hopefully what we expect is not true
Pray for their safety
for the dearly MH370

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hui Jia De You Huo

Salam readers

I'm gonna sharing one of film that I love most during my teenager life. Finally I know the title of the drama after I've been search for 3 hours. I love the story, the background song, the artist even not too very handsome but surely I love all about the drama.

The title of the drama is Hui Jia De You Huo or The Temptations to Go Home

You see the story is quite interesting. it is about a woman who called as a wife being betrayed by her own bestfriend who seduced her husband. the more worse is her husband like her bestfriend too and they planning try to kill the woman. by killing her, then both of them can be lived together happily forever.

The beginning of the story really really succeed makes me so emotional. I'm getting upset how they lie to the woman hiding their scandal life. the woman so innocent and this makes her husband and her bestfriend take advantage on her.

The woman finally realized about their secret affair but still not doing anything. she believe her husband and her bestfriend not stabbing her. even she saw in her own eyes about their happy life together but still optimism. she crying alone, trying to be strong, be devoted wife to her husband and even she still be nice to her bestfriend.

I still remember when she saw her husband and her bestfriend in love happily, she just hide and run. her leg being burned by the hot charcoal during her escaping just after she saw the scene of love of betrayer husband and her bestfriend. because of that she had miscarriage.

The husband can't wait for any longer to live with his mistress and finally he try to kill his wife by trying to drown her. He thought his wife is death. Yupp, she died but it was the innocent woman. she rebirth. she take for a revenge.

The revenge makes her strong. she changed her name, cut her hair, be smart and succeed woman, she learn how to be the gorgeous woman. she changed everything. from the innocent and dutiful housewife to determined modern and successful woman.

"How would I live my life, if I were to start again a different identity?"

Finally, on night party, she appear with sparkling dress and she saw her ex husband with her betrayer bestfriend shocked look at her but she pretended not see them. How's I like this scene because I can see her husband stunned looks his wife who innocent before become such as glamorous woman. but the woman pretend that she does not know them. really really makes me feel this is the time for you to make them have a deep regret.

She succeeded makes their household crushed. she seduced her ex husband and just used him. it same how her bestfriend do to her before. they deserved for that.

Finally, she know what her doing was wrong because the forgiveness is more better than continuous revenge. she stopped and lived happily with the one who she loved. she had another man. the more good man.

Overall the story makes me feel, as a wife we need to defend our rights. be attractive. be glamorous. and make the husband realize that he will feel sorry for what he had done. that's why we need to have career in life. I believe on that.

By then, I leave you with the background song.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Going somewhere at nowhere

You see, I'm bad in saying goodbye. it is not my major. I don't know what I suppose to do. should I cry? laugh or just make the pokerfaced without feel anything?

Saying goodbye seems the hardest moment to face..

Sometimes it could be better if others not know the time to leave. the time where I need to leave everybody and walk away into my own journey. journey full of independence and it was scary.

This makes me so terrible.
I don't want to leave
I don't want to say goodbye
I hate farewell

I wish I can bring them along
I wish I can tell them to follow my journey
I wish we can run together

Can I just go off?

Leave my two lil evils,
Leave my family,
Leave my precious time with them
the time crawl so fast. he envy me

Oh dear, I feel my tiny heart turn to horrible feeling
miserable, mournful, bleak

Dear Allah,
I'm sorry for all things that I've done
This could be a way to wash my sins
and to make me strong, right?
Would you to protect them when I'm gone? please
Keep them in safe and happy

I'm sorry 
I'm really sorry
forgive me please ya Rabb..
forgive me..