Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hi readers,

I'm currently struggling with patient and contentment. I tend to want everything NOW and I want everything happen exactly as what I've planned.

But I know this is not an easy thing like I thought.

Oh life,
How I want to change the conservative's mind especially the old folks thought?

This is terrible.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sharing Dreams

Hello readers,

I'm not getting too much emotional today but I'm going to take challenge. challenge? yup. actually I'm following one of blogger and she is my favourite blogger. I took the challenge from her blog. why I love to stalk her blog? because she has dreams same as me and I really love how's she story to all. its like I can feel it.

And now the challenge is sound, something you never get tired of doing.

I never get tired to find motivational quotes and retro pictures. I always steal some lovely and vintage feel-like pictures and save it all in my folders named, Dreamy. I put it all include the quotes. I ever make a scarp book for that quotes and printed some pictures that could make me really fall into a Dreamland. Everytime I got bored, that books really put me feel calm. oh, by the way, that scrap book I called it The Second Life.

Here some of the pictures and together with some quotes that really inspiring me in life and I'll tell a little bit how that saying can put color on me.

Everything in your life are reflection for the choice you have made
If you want a different result
then make a different choice

The most thing I can be proud of to myself is the choice I ever made to study across Laut China Selatan. Yup, I'm flying alone from Sabah to Shah Alam to study. I don't know how I'm become so brave to leave my family, my bestfriends, my lovely hometown and go getting some adventures.
Perhaps, it is because of a bitter-sweet monkey love? No.
I just want a different result.

If you're brave to say "Goodbye", life will reward you with a new "Hello"

It's inspiring me to leave something that I can't hold forever though I love that thing so much. 
Mans always change and so do the thing.

Don't be afraid to change, try new things and take risks
If you never spread your wings, you won't know how high you can fly.

An awe-inspiring quotes that burn my courageous to live lone, eat alone, sleep alone and all in alone.
This happened during my internship and I really took crazy-awesome risks.

Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful

Challenges are friends. You never be mature if you never found difficulties in life,
I do believe on that.