Thursday, June 20, 2013

Death, is horrible truth

Salam readers

The time shows 2.35 a.m and here I'm writing entry in my blog. Today, I start my day with a little happiness but soon in the evening I found something that makes me put the smile on my face. I'm bored because my friend always said that live in the hostel is like we are living in a cave. No happiness. No freedom. No calmness. For me, actually it was come from our life. our perceptions. if you're able to find your own ways to happy, to calm, to have freedom, even you're in cave or cabin or anything a close place, you actually can find all those things. I know live in hostel is same we live in a jail but actually this place makes me feel there is a way for me to happy but I have to find it out in this bored place. I know there is a way.

That was another story. Other story, just now, my roommate was tell our a story about his uncle. His uncle was died because of AIDS. I was like can feel what she feels right now. My aunt was died almost 3 weeks ago and yet I still feel that she was in the house scolding my little brother, laughing and have story telling with my mom, sitting at the balcony and hanging clothes. Actually she also one of my motivator to study not in Sabah. she wants me to study out from Sabah and follow her daughter in Peninsular. I never thought the last kiss at the forehead was the last kiss given by her before my journey to Shah Alam. Life is unexpected things right?

All living things will die. sooner or later all of us will die. I'm afraid to die. you? there are so many things that I've still not done yet. not only to myself but to my family, friends, and to Him, to Allah. I don't know what I want to serve to Allah when I die. I'm full of sins. my journey to meet Him are still too far. . Everytime my friends talk about death, it makes me feel and ask to myself, are you ready to die? do you?

Death is horrible truth and life is beautiful lie.