Monday, April 25, 2011

::When I remember you::

I love rain..why???
Because it makes me remember of our introductory..

I still remember the first day we go out together ..
You said you will be coming late because it is rain outside..
I wait..wait and wait..

As you arrived..
you looks so nicely..
with the smile in your face makes me feel
I'm not make a wrong decision to take you as my partner life..

As we walk out together..
You said it was a romantic moments..
It's because we used the same umbrella..
that is my umbrella..

But surely..
I was happy..
Happy to see you let yourself get wetter than I..

Oh rainy days..
As you fall to the ground
you makes me more miss on him..
more memory and remembering of our sweet memory
and more crying I would be..

I hope you remember me at this moment Dear..

Friday, April 15, 2011

::Miss You Like Crazy::

A days without you make my life empty like a flower that looks pale
It is empty..
been crushed..

Are you still love on me dear??
Am I still in your heart??

You said far distance is not the reason to you not love on me
But now you far far away until I can't to find you..

You go so far and now I can't to reach and understand you anymore..

I'm alone now..
do you know about it??

I miss you like crazy..
I miss you as you are the old one..
I miss you so much..

One thing I hope you will do
I hope my heart still on yours
Then please hold it tightly dear
please don't ever let it go..

Friday, April 8, 2011

::I am "Girlfriend Terbiar"::


Mesti terasa pelikkan napa Cik Vian letak title entry kali ney " I am Girlfriend Terbiar".??

nak taw kenapa???



mcam susah bha maw di sebut..its very complicated..haha.~!!


Cik Vian memang terbiarla..hahahaha~!!( jangan marah )..

Actually recently my laukong very busy for a few days..kerja pun sampai lewat malam..nak cari gaduh sama dia pun tak bole bab dia kata dia penat..For a 5 days we are rarely to chat k..


Tapi apakan daya..kenala berkorban kan??
But, i have a good news for me..ahaha~!!
today is his last day to work until night maw jadi "buta".huhu~!!
apa lagi..
Cik Vian nak cari gaduh sama dia..hahaha~~!!
oh ya..this picture I was editing while I'm missing him..
wait for me laukong..

p/s::Penantian memang sungguh buat kita HeartQuake..ahaha~~!!( tak faham??buat2 la fham r..huhu)..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

::A Happy Tired::

Last week was a tired day for me..

tired~sleepy~moody~lazy~pale~stress~depressed~resentful~and many more that makes me looks so terrible...arrgggghhhhhh..!!

I was managing the KARKOL UiTM programme that be held for the whole last week..

Wanna see what my bestie friend and I do for the last week..??

check out this picture..^_^..

This is the stage that we have to decorate..
It is not an easy things to do...
we have to go all the things then make it "pretty"..

Yeyehhh!!before work let's take a picture first..

Yihaaa..!!that me on the right and my naughty friend, Sellet..

We are good workers okey..
we are not "curi tulang"..kiu3..

Oopsss..this is the time we are having some rest..
do some warm up..
but we still not "curi tulang" k..

A tired day for everyone.. that nice??
this is how the stage looks like after we finish decorated it..
pretty right??

A smile before the night go..

p/s::one thing everyone have to know..that was only for the first day..i will upload some picture for the next day activity..^_^..