Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rain Story

I love rain so much. I don't know why but each time when raining comes, it really soothe me. I love to let the raindrop fall into my hands. It seems like, peace. Yeah, peaceful. I love to be alone wherever its rainy day. Maybe because I'm getting too emotional or its like kinda weird-girl to do.

There's so much beauty in rain.

Yeah, there's a lot and you can't count. It just need to be feel.

Patrichor. Perhaps, do you know about it? It is the smells of the rain. My friends said its actually the smells of the first rain fall into the earth. Maybe it was  but the smells really change you into something. It makes you more grateful. Don't you? As the rain wash the dry land and then sink into the soil, woww, its really refreshing.

I don't know how to describe more about rain because its something that cannot be tell but need to be experience by your own self.

Actually, I'm getting my fasting for today so I'm got alone at office while all my friends out for having their lunch. That's why I can lay down my hand here smoothly.(smile). I really hope rain will come this week because Sabah right now it seems like a desert place and open burning happened everywhere. I try to avoid myself from smokers but unfortunately I smell the terrible smoke around Kota Kinabalu. Seriously, I can't breathe and this is bad.

But, this is life, right? We have to use to it no matter what happen because the earth getting old and old and me as well.


Okay, its time for me to leave. We will have another story sooner and please pray for rain to come.

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