Friday, September 2, 2016

Whisper My Name

Aint it strange
How life can be sometimes
How we all need to love
Aint it strange
How I could see is a threat
When you could be above

Some girls want to go out shopping
Some girls want to talk all night
Some girls want some fun and laughter
That's quite ok but im no typical girl

Now I can't tell you how to love me
It's the lesson you have to learn yourself
As the matter of fact it's an easy thing to do
Just be you

Now I wont show you how to treat me
But you wont find it hard to do the same

Just with warm and tender
And whisper my name...

Late at night when the day has come and done
And we lying a lot
That's the time it let our feelings sour
And no talk, conversation anymore

At this time would you just with warm and tender and whisper my name, September?

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